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What we do

Our mission: We don't just sell hardware and software: we help you to find IT Solutions that meet your business needs and help your business to grow. We want to get to know you and your business and provide you with integrated solutions that correlate in a true symbiotic manner that makes financial and business sense.

How we do it: Our technology consultants meet with you, to learn what is important to your business. We always focus on the business need first, then backfill with IT Solutions to meet that need. We’ll help you find the products and services that you need at competitive prices. Unlike most of our competitors we represent the majority of the major brands, so we can focus on implementing the right solution, as opposed to the solution we happen to sell. We’ll then guide you through financial justification, purchase, installation and setup, and operation and training to make sure that the solutions work for you.

Our experts will work hands-on with you to make sure your business systems contribute to your success. This is when the real work begins for us…after the implementation. That is when we continue to provide industry leading support and services (many at no cost) to truly cement our value added relationship, and in doing so become a true trusted advisor to many of our best clients.

Our Partners: We partner with nearly every key hardware and software vendor in the business. That allows us to help you find the correct solution for your business, regardless of who supplies the products you need. This approach lets us focus on best of breed solutions and your needs.

Our Resources: We also have experts in business system design and selection. We can guide you through fact-finding and feasibility studies. We can help you analyze your current systems and determine current and future IT needs. We wrap it up by helping you select the specific equipment and software you need and delivering it to your door.

We have experts on hand who understand server setup and configuration, network configuration and security, telephony, desktop and laptop configuration, office network and printer configuration, wireless networking, system security, backup planning, and disaster planning and recovery. If it’s IT related, we have expertise in it, we live and breathe IT.

Our Goal: To build a long lasting relationship with your company. A relationship based upon mutual trust, respect and true partnership. We want to become an integral part of your business strategy, your go to advisor to help you through the IT waters on your journey to reduced costs and infrastructure and better integrated systems and solutions.

On the Bottom Line – Pricing: Our pricing is competitive and in most cases we can provide you with much lower prices than the on-line retailers all while dramatically improving your service levels. Unlike your low cost online alternatives, our low cost offerings come with strong interpersonal relationships, personal consultation and assistance as outlined above.

It’s your choice: you can buy from retail “sales people” who will sell you a box - or you can work with our business and systems experts who will help you through the IT process from beginning to end, all while saving you money.









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